The success of the Island SPACE nonprofit and the museum requires our collective efforts and cooperation.  Every dollar you give, goes directly to overhead, utilities, programming, technology, grant matching, staffing and operations.

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Using this form, you may opt to make a one-time donation or monthly recurring donation. Your recurring donation entitles you to the benefits of Island SPACE Membership.

Ways to Donate

There are lots of ways to offer financial support to Island SPACE and our projects, whether you’re an individual or an organization.

Cash Donation

You can give single donations or recurring donations online. You may also choose to give to a specific project, or to the general operating funds.

In-Kind Donation

Your in-kind donation might be as small as an antique, memento or family heirloom you believe will be a valuable addition to our collections. It may also be a donation of your professional services or functional products on a larger scale.

Matching Funds

Corporations may offer matching funds, promising Island SPACE or its projects a matching dollar for every dollar of grant or donation funds raised.

Project Sponsorship

When you have a special affinity for one of our projects or a specific part of a collection, consider sponsoring it! You can put your money where your heart is, and take true responsibility for bringing something exceptional to life.

Event Sponsorship

If you prefer a traditional type of corporate giving, consider sponsoring one of our fundraising events. Your company or product name will be displayed prominently before our guests and wider audience.


For the ultimate legacy of giving, make Island SPACE or one of our projects the beneficiary of an endowment. Your contribution will help to maintain our unity goals for decades to come.

Our Projects

You can help bring these projects to life…

Island SPACE Caribbean Museum

Island SPACE Caribbean Museum

‘Island SPACE Caribbean Museum’​ is an archive and exhibition space featuring a collection of artifacts, iconic paraphernalia, cultural relics and historical data representing South Florida’s Caribbean communities.


Photo Art Project

Photo Art Project

The photo art project is a collection of images representative of South Florida’s Caribbean community. Photographers are invited to share their images of typical Caribbean life.


Reggae Documentary

Reggae Documentary

Our reggae documentary, explores the island origins of reggae and its affiliated genres, how it has evolved, and how it has taken hold on the international music scene, in a story told by engaging voices in music.